When accessorizing, I'm a big fan of collections. Often my clients will have special, personal things that they've collected over the years that I can highlight in their space.

In one of my most favorite projects yet, my clients had been traveling around the world throughout their lives together, and had therefore amassed a collection of artifacts from India to China to Egypt to South America. When it came time for the accessorizing, I had such an amazing selection to choose from, it was like being the proverbial 'kid in a candy store.'

Most of the time though, that's not the case. Whatever your style may be, if you're stuck on accessories, think in terms of collections. From your walls to your bookshelves, collections could be the key! You could use a bunch of vases, similar colored objects, or old signs. Just find that one thing that you like, and repeat it! Here are some ideas of what I'm talking about.

A collection of simple plates fills a wall, emphasising the cottage feel.

Black and white photos and drawings are a great way to fill a wall with personality

In this entryway, all the bright white accessories pop against the bold blue background.

Collections of crystal can be used to create elegant tablescapes.

Going for a beach theme? Add those beachy touches, like blue-green glass and shells.

This teenage girls room is finished off by the collection of colorful paper lanterns.

And as always, if you're in too deep and need some professional guidance, help is only an email away!

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