George Washington Had Style

Before I head out to enjoy a day filled with family, friends, food and fireworks, I thought a quick design board based on Mount Vernon, home to our First President, would be appropriate. 

The first time I was introduced to George & Martha's house, it was the colors I couldn't stop thinking about. The beautiful deep aqua in the formal dining room is so rich and saturated... and modern?  Nope. It's completely accurate.  It might come as a surprise to some to when they find out that our 'stoic and staid' forefounders had some gumption when it came to their interior design! 

The Washington's, like many modern families, had both formal and casual dining spaces. While their formal dining space certainly makes a statement, their informal dining space would have been used much more frequently, and therefore was a bit less 'fussy.'  For today's modern family the simple acts of gathering and dining and celebrating haven't changed all that much. 
To celebrate our first president's fabulous eye for design, I've pulled a few of my favorites fabrics from Fabricut's Mount Vernon Collection together for you.  From Martha's wedding dress to George's gun holster, these are fabrics that are inspired by The Washington's themselves.

As always, I hope you've enjoyed it!


  1. I love the idea of bringing history into today's design.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I think if people realized how forward-thinking people were back in the day when it came to their interiors they might be willing to take a few more risks today. You hear 'traditional' and immediatly think in shades of beige. WAKE UP! Take the color plunge.