Terms and Conditions

  • The following must be received prior to beginning the design process:
                  * Fees paid in full, with a signed letter of agreement
                  * Design Homework
                  * Room(s) photos
                  * Measurements

  • All design fees are non-refundable whether the designs are executed or not.

  •  Shipping charges for E-Design packages and E-Details packages will be calculated and invoiced prior to shipping and must be paid in full before packages are shipped .

  •  All measurements provided by the Client are the responsibility of the Client. I, as the Designer, am relying on the accuracy of the measurements provided to me, and will not be held liable if the measurements provided prove to be incorrect.

  •  Any pricing shown on suggested source lists will be based on retail prices available at the time the lists were compiled and cannot be guaranteed. Availability for any suggested items also cannot be guaranteed.