Modern Patio Seating

As a Floridian, outdoor living is a yearlong activity. But as my friends a little farther north know, when you live in a climate where winter always seems to be right around the corner, you must take advantage of every "outdoor living" day you're presented with.

In recognition of summer drawing to an end and the kiddies getting ready to go back to school, I present you with... The outside!!!

Outdoor furniture has come leaps and bounds from your parents vinyl mesh chairs. With the advent of indoor/ outdoor fabrics (and trims!) you really can extend your indoor living right outside.

Any style, from modern to traditional, is now available in outdoor furnishings.  My favorite new website, HomeInfatuation.com, has some fantastic yet funky outdoor finds, all with a modern twist. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Modular seating. The coffee table fits right in the center!




  1. That first one is to die for. I would never come inside again if I had a tented comfy sofa to hang out on.

  2. Thanks Jenn. I just wish I had more backyard space so I could have one for myself!