Rolls Royce Phantom - The Bespoke Program

I've decided on my dream car. A Rolls Royce Phantom, convertible top, fully decked out and personalized through their Bespoke program.

Not sure how I'll customize it yet. I'm thinking my monogram in the veneer as well as the upholstery, and a must have is the built-in picnic basket!

As I sit here drooling over all my options, my mind of course turned to design.  And customization.

Clients are sometimes puzzled over why a designer sofa may cost $4,000 when they are bombarded with TV ads for $400 sofas daily. I think the Bespoke program over at R.R. is the best parallel I've come across so far.
"Our Bespoke programme lets you take the process of personalisation even further. The sky's the limit, allowing you to create a unique car that is an expression of your personality.
To begin the process, you can discuss your ideas with your Dealer or come to Goodwood to explore the possibilities with our Bespoke team. We'll discuss everything with you, from the smallest details to the biggest statements - whatever you have in mind. It may be something subtle - white dials, a special clock face or a discreet humidor. You could go further and choose an integrated cooler/glass holder to fit in the base of the luggage compartment.

Or you may want to make more of a statement with your initials inlaid in the veneer or a complete leather floor instead of carpet. And a delicate illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy could be just the finishing touch you're looking for. Our experts will sketch your ideas and our team of Bespoke engineers and craftsmen will bring them to life - whatever you dream up, we will find a way to make it a reality."

-Thomas Jefferson (T.J.), Bespoke Sales Manager

It's the idea of options. The more options you have, the higher the cost. Let's use that $4,000 sofa as our example. 
It starts with a great quality frame constructed with kiln-dried hardwood and reinforcing corner-blocks. You know the kind your parents and grandparents had? The furniture that still stands today because it just won't fall apart? That's because they knew what they were doing back in the day. It wasn't about being disposable. 
Then you get into your foundation and cushioning. There's your foam, foam with feather wraps, coil-spring inserts, feather and down mixes, as well as levels of resiliency and firmness available in the foam.
And that's just the construction you don't even see!  Add in the options available for your fabric choices (silk, linen, leather, or cotton) and detailing (nailheads, decorative skirts, silver-leafed wood), you start to see how you are creating a sofa "that is an expression of your personality."

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