Don't Be Crewel

Crewelwork, or crewel (pronounced 'cruel'), originally referred to the embroidery technique where wool yarns were used in the stitching of ornate designs on heavy base cloth, like cotton or linen.  Today you'll find crewel embroidery on everything from silks and velvets to netting and jute.

(I found a really interesting and informative article all about the history of crewel embroidery. If you'd like to learn more, click here..)

While I wouldn't recommend reupholstering your family room sofa in crewel, a small crewel accent chair or pillows could really tie a room together with the right combination of colors and styling!

If you are a crafter, crewelwork might be a perfect fit for you. There are loads of books out there dedicated to teaching the craft. Start with an embroidery hoop, needles, embroidery thread, base fabric, and your imagination!

The intricacies of the stitches, the bold use of the ground, and the dedication of the artists evokes a nostalgia in me for 'the good ol days.'  Like the samplers of yesteryear, today's crewel holds a special place in my heart. Don't be cruel, let crewel into your heart too.

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