Animal Prints - Love them or Hate them?

Let's talk animal prints. Love them? Hate them? There's definitely a fine line between the two on this topic.

If you're old enough then I'm sure you've seen a space where they... well... they just went too far. That line in the sand wasn't just crossed. It was the starting line of a marathon. Something like this...

Wow, right? It's still ok if you love animal prints! The key moderation. Not sure how to do it? An ottoman upholstered in faux-ostrich for your reading room or a zebra rug in the family room. Those are ways to add that element of the exotic in a very tasteful way.

Perhaps you're a little bit more adventurous and want a super funky dressing room as a part of your master suite. Pairing classic mouldings and built-ins with a highly stylized wallpaper and antique-mirrored furniture, a high-heel shoe chair in your favorite animal print and studded with crystal nail heads would be the cats meow.

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