National Geographic Photo Inspires Room

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently published the winners of their 24th annual photo contest.  This first-place winning photo was shot inside of a family yurt in the Kyrgyz lands of the Wahkan Corridor in Afghanistan.

This image is hauntingly beautiful. I love the layer upon layer of textiles and patterns. The deep, warm, earthy colors must be such a nice respite from the rough, rugged terrain that surrounds them outside.

The intimacy of this everyday life moment, shot inside of a family yurt, is
in total contrast with the harsh environment these nomadic tribes live in.

Here is my room concept based on the image. Everything shown here comes from one of my favorite places... Etsy!!  Handwoven textiles, natural materials, and both Asian and Morrocan influences create a comfortable  casual space that speaks of a globe trotting inhabitant.


A Couple Extras - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

While I was combing through the internet looking for fun and fantastic chandeliers for my last series of posts, I came across a few chandeliers that didn't really fit into any of the themes, but were just too good not to share! Please enjoy these 'freebies!'

Lladro Porcelain Butterfly Chandelier
Part of their Re-Cyclos collection by Bodo Sperlein

The Astro Chandelier is chrome metal with 100 lilac colored glass pieces
Sold through Metallux in Italy

This crazy huge chandelier is both traditional and kitsch with its crystals and
randomly placed letters. It's the first thing you see when walking into Nagoya in Tokyo


Kid & Kitsch - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

The word Kitsch is defined as a form of art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art or a worthless imitation of art of recognizable value. I find kitsch to be fun and flamboyant, a little strange, and light-hearted.

While these looks are certainly not meant for everybody, I like the idea of poking fun at 'the establishment' once in awhile, and adding an unexpected pop of crazy sometimes! And, when it comes to kid spaces, shouldn't we have a little fun and take ourselves, and our interiors, a little more lightly?

Most of the lighting in this post I've not found currently available for sale. But, depending on how crafty you are, you could certainly recreate them yourself!

Birds in their Cage Chandelier

Baby doll chandelier - spotted in Portland's Nob Hill

Pink Plastic Flamingo Chandelier

Strawberry Tea Cups - found in Agnes and Muriels in Atlanta, GA

Spoons and forks and knives, oh my!

Topsy Turvy Tea Cups and Saucers

Chiquita Banana Box Chandelier by Anneke Jacobs
(Not my favorite, but if we're talking kitsch, how could I leave it out?!)

Used Party Poppers Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth


Rustic Yet Refined - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

Rustic often refers to things that are rural or lacking of refinement. I, however, think of rustic as being from nature, having great and interesting textures, and being charmingly simple. I think you will agree that while all these lighting fixtures are definitely rustic, they also carry a certain refinement and class.

Peeled Mountain Laurel Branch chandelier by Rustic Designs

Solid Brass Cadernal Nautical Chandelier available at Fredeco

Meyda Tiffany Twigs Chandelier available at Affordable Lamps

Rope Filament Round Chandelier available at Restoration Hardware

Artichoke Pendant Lamp in copper.
Designed by Poul Henningsen, available at DWR

Reclaimed Teak Orb Chandelier available at Domusx

Mismatched bulbs hanging from a meat hook.  This one of a kind
piece is hanging in the Gjelina restaurant in LA. Click here to read more!


Unusual & Upcycled - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

When it comes to being green, there are tons of things you can do; switching to energy efficient appliances, buying local and organic produce, and recycling among many others.

The following lighting fixtures take recycling to a whole new level! From plastic spoons to wooden hangers and bike rims, these designers show how beauty can come from what many of us would think of as trash.

Created from wooden hangers, bicycle rims, and other found objects,
this 'Hangelier' is available by Organelle Design

The Light Reading Chandelier is created using old books by
British designer Lucy Norman. Available through Lula Dot

Close-up of Lula Dot's 'Light Reading' Chandelier

"Capitolina" - an ice cream spoon chandelier by Hasadna

Perforated plastic spoon chandelier by Daisuke Hirawa

Sand blasted plastic bottle bottoms create this chandelier by Sarah Turner

Mason Jar pendant lighting by Boots N Gus

Recycled wine and champagne bottle pendant lamp by Yoon Bahk

Are you crafty? Have you created any beautiful, upcycled pieces for your own home? If so, send me pictures! I would love to include them in a future post. :o)


Sleek and Modern - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

If you're into mid-century modern, transitional, or futuristic design, these lighting options are for you. And don't think you need to live in an ultra modern space to have one of these chandeliers in your home. Some of my favorite spaces have been old Mizner mansions with contemporary and traditional pieces mixed together... I just love to be surprised by design!!

The Beehive Chandelier by Jessica Kay Bodner, available through Bodner Chandeliers

Brown Glass Globe chandelier by Bocci

Ice Chandeliers available in 6 individual colors, or color changing.
Available in single drop, or multi-drop as shown here. Sold by CCC 

Meri Drum Chandelier by Oly Studio

One of a kind, Hand-blown glass chandelier
You can custom order your own at Venetian Glass Studios

Another one of a kind, Hand-blown glass chandelier
from the artisans at Venetian Glass Studios

Vintage mid-century modern Sputnik chandelier


Coastal and Beachy - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

Do you love the beach? Whether you live on a coast, or just wish you did, these interesting chandeliers will take you there!

Modern ceramic fish lighting designed by BENCHER

Shell Pendant Lamp by Currey and Company, available at Lighting Direct

Driftwood Orb pendant lamp - currently available on Ebay

One in a series of Octopus Chandeliers designed by Adam Wallacavage

Full disclosure, these next pieces are by me! While working with a client a few years back, I couldn't find curtain rings that had the coastal look and feel that I was looking for, so I covered wrought iron rings with jute. I loved the look and feel so much, that I started up-cycling old lamps and chandeliers with jute and shells! 

Shell and Jute Chandelier designed by Vanessa Prieto, The Design Dreamer

Close up detail of my Shell and Jute Chandelier
These starfish are removable!

Shell and Jute hanging pendant lamp by Vanessa Prieto, The Design Dreamer
Currently available at my Etsy shop

Another Shell and Jute hanging pendant lamp by Vanessa Prieto, The Design Dreamer
Currently available at my Etsy shop


Preview - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

I had planned on doing a post on chandelier lighting... unique and unusual lighting to be specific. But there's just too much to choose from!!

So, I've decided to do a series, each post focusing on a different theme:

Check back in to see the different collections... Hopefully you'll find inspiration for your own home!!

---> In the end, there were so many great chandeliers, that I threw in an extra post!


Fantastic and Fantastical Fans

While researching my last post on picking the right ceiling fan for you, I came across some really weird and wild fans that I just had to share!  Do you have a favorite? Please feel free to leave you comments below!

For the kiddies

Bat wing ceiling fan blades sold on Esty by The Atomic Lounge

Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan by Hunter

Dual Speed Flying ceiling fan available through 1st Dibs

Weird and Wild

Brisa 2000 ceiling fan available at Lightology

Ribbon Fan by  Benjamin McMahon - patent pending

Minka Aire Cirque George Kovacs ceiling fan available at Ceiling Fan Universe

Cumulos ceiling fan (Yes, it really is a fan!) available through Fanimation

Air Shadow retracting blade fan by Fanimation

Modern and Unique

Marea ceiling fan available at Fanimation

Artemis translucent ceiling fan available at Euro Style Lighting

Minka Aire Uchiwa Ceiling Fan 

Sycamore Ceiling Fan by  Sycamore Fans

The Philippe Malouin Dervish Ceiling Fan by Philippe Malouin

Did you pick a favorite? Mine is the Dervish fan by Philippe Malouin. He got the idea from the car wash brushes at his local automatic car wash! How cool is that? I love seeing what inspires designers, and how they reinterpret that inspiration into their creations. If you'd like to read more about this fan, check out Philippe's interview at Dornob.