About Me

I create rooms to live in, spaces with ambiance that feel like a real person lives there. I create interiors. I am Vanessa Prieto, The Design Dreamer. Interior Design has been my passion since 1991, ever since my first “nuts-to-bolts” room redesign. In the years since, I’ve had the good fortune to work on palatial estates and bachelor pad apartments, corporate offices and single-family homes, retail spaces and kids’ playrooms. From high-end luxury to penny-pinching budget-conscious, from Palm Beach traditional to Miami Beach modern and everything in between, each project is a fascinating puzzle.

I grew up right here in Lake Worth, Florida. My mother and father are both artists AND entrepreneurs, so my childhood was pretty grounded, with a bit of the bohemian thrown in for good measure. My dad works with wood (I still LOVE the smell of fresh saw dust!) while my mom is a jeweler. Since before I can remember I’ve been fiddling with beads and wires to create all sorts of jewelry. As a teenager I would design my own furniture, then dad would create it for me!

When I first went off to college, it was with the intent to study Electrical Engineering. I’ve always been really strong in math and science, so it seemed a natural fit for me. A way to actually make a living using those math skills that “you never use after school.” My plan was to work for a high tech firm, like Sony or Motorola, start in the engineering department, then work my way over to the design department. As for Interior Design? I had no idea such a field even existed. When I discovered it in college, I realized Interior Design was the natural extension of my loves and skills that I had been looking for. It’s the perfect blend of all that I love… the mathematical precision of construction drawings, the engineering of solutions to problems, and the aesthetic eye needed to balance all the elements in a room to create a harmonious end product.

Interior Design grabbed me and hasn’t let me go. From that point on, I’ve gleefully studied buildings, furniture, spaces; how they’re used and how they make you feel. I’ve immersed myself in spaces and places like New York City, L.A., Chicago, Barcelona, even the back roads of North Carolina. I have a tendency to turn over chairs to see how they’re made, scrunch my toes into carpets, straighten the pictures on a wall, and listen intently to the desires and aspirations of people who want to live in harmony and joy with their surroundings but just don’t know how to do it for themselves.

As I have grown as a designer, a mom, an entrepreneur, and a world citizen, I’ve decided to take on the added joy of sharing what I love, with you, through this blog, as well as through my designs. If you’re living in a space that just doesn’t “fit” you, take a look into my design services. I’m here for you, to help you achieve the home or office of your dreams, whether it’s the full enchilada, or one room at a time. Sometimes, you just need a little direction. Get in touch with me for the Design Dreamer’s road map.