All the trimmings - Outside!

Yesterday's post wasn't enough for me when it comes to the indoor/outdoor theme. I wanted to show you fabrics, trims, rugs, even lighting for your patio, but it turns out that's a whole lot for just one post! 

So today, let's talk trim. I'm sure you know all about tassel fringe, decorative cording, gimp and chair-ties. They're some of the little touches that make your space feel extra special.

Well, today there are a number of companies who offer entire lines of indoor/outdoor trims! So, how can you incorporate these trims into your outdoor decor?

Using an interesting rope cord, instead of the standard self-cord, takes your cushions to a whole new level.  Or add a pillow with brush fringe to your current seating. Curtains with a decorative tape applied to the leading edge can be added to a porch or pergola.

Basically, all the things you can do inside are now available outdoors too. So let your imagination (or mine) go wild!

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