Decorative Tiles

I love tile...wait, let me rephrase...  I love awesome and funky tiles, or tile that is used in new or interesting ways.

I think it all stems back to my first glimpse of Gaudi's tile work in Barcelona.  I'd never before seen tile move that way. Yes, I said move! I know it doesn't really, but part of Gaudi's genius was his ability to transform cold, hard tiles into supple smoothness that you want to touch.

When I see Gaudi's work and I see a serenade... a dance. 

So there you have it. The root of my tile obsession! If you too obsess just a little when you pass a great tile, then you'll love these finds!

These metallic tiles with their softly scored surface are both soothing yet futuristic.

Handmade decorative tiles inset into your tile design will really help to personalize your space.

Wall tiles that add texture can sometimes be all a minimalist space needs.

No idea where I'll use this one yet, but it's just so fab I had to save it!

A super simple kitchen back splash get just that little extra 'Oomph' with a horizontal contrast insert.

Last, but not least, a super cute girls bathroom covered in mini tiles with a floral tile mosaic as the focal point in the glass enclosed shower.

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