Oh Suzani

I've decided to dedicate a week to some of my favorite fabrics/patterns.

And where better to start than with the Suzani?

While the term "Suzani" translates literally to 'the art of needlework,' most have come to associate it with the iconic embroideries from Uzbekistan in central Asia.  Typically constructed with a blend of cotton and silk, quality will vary widely based on the artists eye for color and balance as well as their years of experience.

The most iconic element of a Suzani is the stylized flora and fauna designs.  It's one of those style staples that can fit just as well in a traditional European chateau as it would in a sleek Chicago high-rise.

While you can still find gorgeous antique Suzani's today, there are also a number of modern interpretations. One of my absolute favorites is a print on linen by Brunschwig & Fils called Dzhambul. While the whole concept of 'needle point' has been dropped, I love the color of this green! (I'll soon have a link to my portfolio so you can see this fabric in action!)

Stay tuned all this week for more fabulous fabric finds!

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