Etsy hunting

Sometimes inspirations strikes, and sometimes you have to go looking for it. As I sit here with my computer screen giving me this blank look, otherwise known as an empty blog post, I have come to the conclusion that today is one of those hunting days.  So off to Etsy I go...

I'm feeling a little artsy today, so I started in the Art category. After a few pages of prints and paintings, I refined my search to Sculptures. Ta Da!!  Inspiration struck! 

Here are just a few of my favorites.

This guy Jimmy Lee does these incredible wood turnings. (It has a lot to do with the woods he uses) This example is ambrosia maple with a coprolite finial. Check out his shop to see his other work!

I'm loving these minimalist pieces from Paint Square. Tell them your colors, and they'll custom make one for you!

Susanna Shap over at ModernHouseArt does all her work with a palette knife and paint. I loved so many of her pieces, but will only feature the one that moved me most today. Check out her other work too. She works with a lot of color and abstract concepts too. I'm a big fan!

And last, but not least, I discovered these twisty aluminum sculptures by a guy named Andre. Good for indoor or outdoor use, I could see one placed in the vegetation surrounding a waterfall as well as I could see it placed on a pedestal in a large foyer.

OK, back to Etsy to see what else I stumble across... See you guys next time!

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