The Dreamer Designs

Full-Service Interior Design

Whether it’s a whole house or just a single room; renovation or redecoration, The Design Dreamer affords you all the time and attention your project requires.

What does it cost?

Designer Retainer (based on scope of project)

$75.00 per hour

Purchasing services available on a cost plus 25% basis (that’s my designer net cost, plus a 25% markup)

Who needs The Design Dreamer?

People who require full interior design service (that can include everything right down to the napkins on your table)

Projects requiring extensive coordination between trades and other consultants

The term DIY (Do It Yourself) is not in your vocabulary

Customized designs to fit your unique project

Initial Contact

Call me or email me, and tell me all about your project. You can reach me here.


After our initial contact and discussion of your project, we’ll get together.

During your first consultation meeting we’ll discuss your project requirements and design concepts and goals, and your likes and dislikes (aka, your hopes and dreams). We’ll also discuss all spatial and functional requirements, any existing items or furniture to be incorporated into the new design, and your budget (practical stuff).

Download the Design Questionnaire to get started.

After the contract and the retainer received, in-depth programming will begin.

I will take field measurements of all areas to be designed (and/or you or your architect will send me AutoCAD drawings of the new building/space), and take a detailed inventory (photos and measurements) of all existing furniture, features, or items that will remain to be incorporated into the new design. I will also begin to draft our the As-Built plans of the areas to be designed.

Send me your completed Design Questionnaire and your design homework. Your homework assignment is to collect pictures, magazine pages, ads, catalogues, website links, favorite movie sets, and any other visual aids and references you can gather to guide me in understanding your likes and dislikes.

Design Development

Space planning, furniture and lighting layouts, concept sketches, architectural changes

Creating the Master Design Plan outlining everything that needs to be done to execute the design

Selecting finished and materials for floors, walls, ceilings and features, furnishings, fabrics, color schemes, personalized shopping

Detailed drawings and elevations, mill work and cabinetry plans, hardware and finish schedule, window treatment design and accessory selections.

We’ll meet periodically through the process to review preliminary plans, selections and specifications, and color schemes to make sure I’m on the right track. We’ll fine-tune the designs and furniture selections, review the preliminary budget framework, make adjustments, and approve drawings.

Project Management

Also along the way, I’ll make site visits, coordinate with your other project consultants (general contractor, subcontractors, architect, audio/visual specialists, etc.), review the progress of work on site, create punch lists, and resolve design issues. I’ll be your eyes and ears on the job site if you can’t be there for yourself.

Purchasing and Deliveries

Once the selections, finishes, and budget are approved by you, proposals for purchasing the items will be presented to you for approval and payment. I will follow-up and track the orders, and coordinate all deliveries and installation.

The end result of this long-term labor of love, commitment and open, cleat communication is a home or office you will be proud of, comfortable in, and nurtured by.

Perhaps the full-service route is more than your project requires? Perhaps you have a tighter budget? Perhaps you need some help getting the ball rolling, but prefer to handle the details yourself? I have a solution for you. E-DESIGN: online, by-the-room design packages.

Is a room redesign more than you need? Need to zero in a little tighter on specifics within a room? Check out E-DETAILS.