Unusual & Upcycled - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

When it comes to being green, there are tons of things you can do; switching to energy efficient appliances, buying local and organic produce, and recycling among many others.

The following lighting fixtures take recycling to a whole new level! From plastic spoons to wooden hangers and bike rims, these designers show how beauty can come from what many of us would think of as trash.

Created from wooden hangers, bicycle rims, and other found objects,
this 'Hangelier' is available by Organelle Design

The Light Reading Chandelier is created using old books by
British designer Lucy Norman. Available through Lula Dot

Close-up of Lula Dot's 'Light Reading' Chandelier

"Capitolina" - an ice cream spoon chandelier by Hasadna

Perforated plastic spoon chandelier by Daisuke Hirawa

Sand blasted plastic bottle bottoms create this chandelier by Sarah Turner

Mason Jar pendant lighting by Boots N Gus

Recycled wine and champagne bottle pendant lamp by Yoon Bahk

Are you crafty? Have you created any beautiful, upcycled pieces for your own home? If so, send me pictures! I would love to include them in a future post. :o)

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