How to create outdoor spaces with interior items

When it comes to entertaining in the summer, taking full advantage of all your available square footage is just smart. That means utilizing your outdoor space too. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize your outdoor space for entertaining.

When you're thinking about reupholstering indoor furniture, think about using an indoor/outdoor fabric. Not only will you be able to use those pieces outside when entertaining, any inevitable spills will be a snap to clean up! And today's options when it comes to indoor/outdoor fabrics may surprise you... 

Ceramic Asian plant stands do double or even triple duty. From holding potted plants inside, you can then move them outside to be used as additional seating and/or side tables.  From traditional to ultra-modern, there's a plant stand out there just for you.

Lastly, don't forget to 'dress' your table! Bring out your linens, china, and crystal for an elegant evening complete with candelabras and flowers. Or, for a more relaxed evening, hang some old mason jars with tea candles from the trees with simple place settings and a bushel of fruit as your centerpiece. 

Tell me what you love to use to when entertaining outdoors!

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