Sleek and Modern - Unusual and Unique Chandelier Lighting

If you're into mid-century modern, transitional, or futuristic design, these lighting options are for you. And don't think you need to live in an ultra modern space to have one of these chandeliers in your home. Some of my favorite spaces have been old Mizner mansions with contemporary and traditional pieces mixed together... I just love to be surprised by design!!

The Beehive Chandelier by Jessica Kay Bodner, available through Bodner Chandeliers

Brown Glass Globe chandelier by Bocci

Ice Chandeliers available in 6 individual colors, or color changing.
Available in single drop, or multi-drop as shown here. Sold by CCC 

Meri Drum Chandelier by Oly Studio

One of a kind, Hand-blown glass chandelier
You can custom order your own at Venetian Glass Studios

Another one of a kind, Hand-blown glass chandelier
from the artisans at Venetian Glass Studios

Vintage mid-century modern Sputnik chandelier

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