National Geographic Photo Inspires Room

National Geographic Traveler magazine recently published the winners of their 24th annual photo contest.  This first-place winning photo was shot inside of a family yurt in the Kyrgyz lands of the Wahkan Corridor in Afghanistan.

This image is hauntingly beautiful. I love the layer upon layer of textiles and patterns. The deep, warm, earthy colors must be such a nice respite from the rough, rugged terrain that surrounds them outside.

The intimacy of this everyday life moment, shot inside of a family yurt, is
in total contrast with the harsh environment these nomadic tribes live in.

Here is my room concept based on the image. Everything shown here comes from one of my favorite places... Etsy!!  Handwoven textiles, natural materials, and both Asian and Morrocan influences create a comfortable  casual space that speaks of a globe trotting inhabitant.

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