DIY Bathroom Projects

I'm often asked for tips on how (and what) can be done easily by the not so handy among us.  I've decided to share with you some of those ideas that I'm often passing along to my friends.  This posting focuses on the bathroom. All of the tips I'm giving you can be done very inexpensively (depending on the materials chosen), and with very little work. Any of these projects can be completed in a weekend or less. And, just about anybody can do them!

1)  One of the easiest ways to 'spruce up' a room is with paint. If you're just looking to freshen up what you already have, just repaint with the same color you had before. You will be shocked at what a difference it can make. If you're looking to make a big change, then choose a fabulous new color!

2)  Adding wallpaper can also make a huge impact in your bathroom. I know what you're thinking...'"Wallpaper?!"  Don't fret. It's not your grandma's wallpaper anymore. From traditional florals and damask, to ultra contemporary glass bead and geometric patterns, you're sure to find many options out there that will fit with your design style and color template.

3)  Adding architectural details with molding will add huge impact to your bathroom. A stop by Home Depot will get you all the lumbar you need. From something as simple as adding crown molding, to the more complex bead-board with chair-rail combination, it's amazing what a little depth on a wall (or ceiling) can achieve. 

4)  Is your bathroom stuck in the 80's? Replacing your hardware, from the cabinet pulls to your faucet, is another simple way to freshen up a bathroom. Feeling a little bit more adventurous? Change out the faucets and showerhead! Since that involves a little bit of plumbing work, be sure to do a bit of research first. And don't forget to shut the water off before you get started!

I'd love to see some before and after photos from you guys!!!

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