Doggy Pop Art

My home is always a work in progress… from rearranging my current furniture, adding to the window treatments, or repainting a space, my home reflects my love of design and evolution and change.

Currently I’m redoing my daughter’s room. She’s turning 13 later this month, so I think it’s about time to graduate into a more sophisticated style that will grow with her as she traverses the treacherous waters known around these parts as…GASP…the teenage years.

I’ve been looking for art that will give her room it’s soul. Something young and hip, funky yet personal, anti-establishment, but will still look good in my home!

I think I want Pop Art! I found this great website that has exactly what I’ve been looking for. You pick the style you want (they’ve got everything from Britto to Warhol to Anime to Photo Portraits), send in your photo, and then let the magic happen. You get a proof to approve online, then your new art will arrive ready to be hung in your home!

I am sooooooo loving this! And the pricing is really reasonable, too. Starting at around $200, no matter your budget, you can find a product that will work for you there.

Since my daughter is such an animal lover, and we already have an menagerie of animals to choose from (our 1 Chinese Crested at home plus 14 Chihuahua's over at the Nana's house), I think a tribute to the little dogs in our life would be just right!

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