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I'm a busy gal. I'm sure a lot of you out there know what I mean! I'm a mom, an interior designer, an artist, etc. And, I always try to fit in some time to reach out to readers. People who want to be inspired. By art. By architecture. By design. To see more of what I think and feel about design, follow me on FaceBook!  Here's a little bit of what you're in store for...

Exposed beams are always interesting...but I really love the treatment 
done to these. It looks like dental molding, but I'm pretty sure this look 
was achieved by using nail-heads. Love this!!

I love a good Ikat, and this is really good! I love the colors.
Cowtan and Tout always has fabulous fabrics!!

I'm a big fan of old buildings. They have a sense of permanence.
Unfortunately, here in the states, when a building gets "too old," we
tear it down. But that doesn't have to be the case! This is a great
example of keeping the integrity of an old building, while renovating
the interior for modern use. ♥

One of my (nearly) daily quotes

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