Master 'sweet' inspired

I was driving through downtown West Palm Beach the other day and spotted this building…

The architecture on this building tied in with the tri-color harlequin pattern on the entablature just stopped me short. Seriously. In the middle of the road! Then I drove around the block to see it at a better angle.

Granted, not a huge fan of the neon sign on the side of the building. It’s not that I dislike neon, or even the idea of neon on this building, just not sure about the color. (...hmmm, neon. Now that sounds like a future post.)

Back at the studio, my mind kept drifting back to that building. At first I was envisioning a little girls room, but as I delved into a favorite Robert Allen fabric book, a mature and elegant master bedroom began to emerge. A french inspired space that is filled with layers of luscious fabrics, trims, antique furniture, and architecture.

Here’s a peek at how I would pull it all together…

I also envision wallpaper as well as tons of architecture on the walls and ceiling, using molding to create wall panels. Something like this…

Hope you enjoy my blog. Tons more to come in the future!

Vanessa, The Design Dreamer

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  1. Love the connections you make between what you seen in the community and your design ideas! I know what I like when I see it but you come up with the "looks". I see the colors from the building in the photo montage you display. Inspiration, indeed! It is a great building with great design however, you are right, that neon sign doesn't belong on that building! It doesn't blend or compliment the design of the building. ~L~